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22 Reasons to do Child Care

1. You don't have to fight 5:00 traffic.

2. You don't have to worry about your boss getting mad because you missed a deadline.

3. The cafeteria always has your favorite foods.

4. You can wear shorts or jeans to work every day if you want to.

5. You can go barefooted if you want to.

6. You don't have to sit at a desk all day. You can get up and down and move around whenever you want to.

7. You don't have to ask someone if you can go to the bathroom or go get something to drink.

8. You can go outside whenever you want to.

9. It's okay for the people you work around to hug you and kiss you and tell you they love you all day long.

10. If your children call because they forgot something or need something you don't have to deal with a boss just to take care of it.

11. You know all the latest in kids songs, fashions, sayings and health issues. Which is only helpful and amazing to the person you're standing next to in line at the grocery store and they're holding their first child...they'll be amazed at how much you know. LOL

12. You usually know more than the people you work around. You will notice I didn't say smarter...it's just that we've been here longer so life's experiences have taught us a lot. If it was boiled down to year for year the odds are we may be losing some ground in the smarter than department!!!! LOL

13. NAP TIME!!!!!!!

14. No one gets onto us for answering our email.

15. We can take personal calls without getting in trouble.

16. When we are having a bad day no one says, "Well what's wrong with you? PMS?"

17. We can pass gas without having to light a match!!!! I know...GROSS...but true!!! =o)

18. Don't have to put up with all of the office politics!!!

19.I get paid to play with play doh and finger paint.

20.We hold all our office meetings at the zoo and the park. LOL

21. You can actually eat with your fingers and enjoy it.

22. You don't have to drive to your job in the snow and ice!

23. Through the years, watching the children grow from babies to through early school years, then finding them on MySpace.com, and they're adults now, and they remember you, IS THE BEST!!