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   Big News for Big People
 The Price of Great Child Care

 Congratulations! You found a child care provider whose ability and reputation is trustworthy! Your
 provider is kind, caring, loving and fun. In addition, your provider really knows how to stimulate your
 child's development.

 But you don't like the rules in the child care contract. In your opinion, the contract gives too many
 vacation days to the provider. Late fee charges are too severe and you know there are providers who
 charge less for services. You are thinking about forcing a few changes in the child care contract to
 better accommodate your convenience and pocketbook. Before you take action, consider these points:

      A key to excellent child care performance is the happiness and contentment of the provider.
      Attempting to fore contract changes may lead to disharmony and reduce the quality of your
      child's care.
      The expense you put forth into child care is an investment in you child's welfare.
      Sacrifice is part of parenting. Parental sacrifice may include scheduling your vacation days
      around your provider's schedule or paying a higher child care rate or late fees in order to insure
      your child will continue to receive the best care available!
      The bite in the pocketbook is temporary. Your child will not stay little forever. The necessity for
      full-time child care is only for a few years.
      Studies indicate the first three years of a child's life are the most formative years.

 Now, weigh your convenience and pocketbook against the happiness and well being of your child. The
 balance should weigh heavily in your child's favor.

 Child Care Checklist
 Print this handy checklist!

 Important Needs for My Child:

      individual attention
      tender loving care
      unstructured playtime
      lots of fun!
      structured playtime, crafts and planned preschool activities
computer instruction
      supervised care
      a big yard/fenced in yard
      a playroom full of toys
      a safe and secure environment
      nutritious meals and snacks
      a home atmosphere