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Art Provides your children with an Ability to
Express themselves Openly while Enabling them to .....

Experiment with Color, Shape, and Texture
Use Visual Expression as a Means of Communication
Express Their Feeling
Experience Pride in their Accomplishments
Develop an Understanding of Cause and Effect
Work With A Wide Variety Of Materials
Experience Sensory Pleasure by Working With Media
Develop Small Muscle Skills
Refine Hand-Eye Coordination

Share and Cooperate with Others
Enhance Creativity
Assert Their Individuality
Solve Simple Problems
Develop Planning Skills


Music Provides your children with a Chance to:

Develop Large and Small Motor Skills
Improve Balance and Coordination
Increase Rhythm through Dancing and other Movements
Participate as a Group & Develop Social Skills
Recognize that Music express Moods and Feelings
Refine Listening Skills
Increase Awareness of Movements and Body Positions
Play & Compose Music
Sing and Play Music


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