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The Parentsí 10 Commandments

Because my provider takes care of my most precious and irreplaceable treasure, my child, I respectfully agree to follow these 10 commandments.

1. I will not call my provider a babysitter. My provider does not sit on babies. My provider operates a professional business in the home and I therefore, will respect my providerís choice of occupational title.

2. I will pay my provider on time because I understand the stress and financial burden caused by a late paycheck. Also, I expect an annual cost of living increase comparable to the increase of other local providers offering similar services.

3. I realize my provider has their own life to lead when the day is done. Therefore, if I am running late, I will phone my provider, in advance, and will pay any late fees incurred to prevent resentment from occurring. Also, I will make other arrangements if my provider already has plans made for the end of the day and I cannot arrive on time.

4. I will keep my child home when I know that he/she:

*has an oral fever of over 100.0 F.

*is vomiting

*is carrying a communicable disease that the Health

Department recommends to be avoided.

I will not attempt to mask my childís fever with medicine before I take him/her to my provider. Also if my provider phones and informs me my child is sick, I will pick up my child or arrange for my child to be picked up by a pre-designated individual as soon as possible. I will not make excuses for being unable to come. My child deserves to be home with me or another legal guardian when he/she is feeling poorly.

5. Although I expect my providerís home to be safe and sanitary, I do not expect it to be immaculate all day. An immaculate home would require my provider to spend much time cleaning rather than supervising and enriching my childís life with fun and educational activities.

6. I will patiently listen to the problems my provider is experiencing with my childís behavior. I will not get defensive. Instead, I will try to understand the situation and help correct the behavior problem or shed more light on the subject.

7. I realize that disciplining is a team effort. Therefore, I will enforce rules and discipline my child when he/she has broken rules of a serious nature or constantly disobeyed my provider and my provider deems it necessary to discuss my childís misconduct with me.

8. If I have a problem with something my provider has done or said, I will not suppress or harbor my feelings. Also, I will not un-respectfully pull my child out of my providerís care or explode in a rage. I will discuss my problem diplomatically and patiently with my provider so we as a team can reach a solution.

9. At the end of the day I will not walk into my providerís home with all of my problems. I understand that providers have problems of their own and time is precious to everyone. Therefore, I will not burden my provider with my daily work irritations.

10. I will encourage my provider and give pats on the back whenever I can because my provider has the most important job of all, the care of my child.